Make an impact.
With your guidance and encouragement, students will learn at first-hand the responsibilities and opportunities of business leadership. By working with students to articulate their passions and fine-tune their abilities, mentors help program participants seize unique opportunities that lead to achievement of academic, professional and personal goals.
Mentor applications are open.
A simple application is required in order to appropriately match you with a student. Please be ready to commit time to the Rising Stars program upon completion of your application.
The Advantages of Mentorship
Mentors benefit from the Rising Stars program as well as students. Business leaders who foster a vibrant mentorship gain valuable perspectives from their students, often leading to innovation and transformation of their organizations. Refining leadership and communication skills in a collaborative setting makes lifelong learning enjoyable. In fact, some mentors have found future employees among the ranks of the Rising Stars. An even greater number of mentorships have developed into mutually-beneficial business relationships.
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